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Pride Week: Friday

by Ellie McHale

Bloody well finally! It’s the middle of 2015 and marriage between consenting adults, regardless of their gender and sex, is legal. It took long enough! What a perfect time for this to happen.

Of course I have to work both Saturday & Sunday, so cannot revel in the streets of San Francisco with everyone. But, there will be more than enough people celebrating! What a joyous occasion! [I’m really hoping no one screws it up and wreaks havoc in the streets. Everyone, whilst having fun, please be safe!]

Tonight, I’m sharing with you one of my favorite albums: Bitter, by Me’Shell Ndegeocello. Please go and buy it. It’s money well spent. Seriously!

Seriously, folks. What a momentous day. Celebrate in the best way possible. Love! Be love! Share love! Give love!!!


Pride Week: Tuesday

by Ellie McHale

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are all doing well.

Here’s a lil’ George Michael cover from one of my favorite singers, Reina Williams.

Go forth and love!

Pride Week: Monday

by Ellie McHale

Happy (San Francisco) Pride week!

Every day this week, I plan on sharing a song done by a LGBTQI+ person in celebration.

Today, I give you a favorite song by one of my favorite singers:

Brandi Carlile is such a fantastic musician and she never disappoints. This song makes me get misty eyed, yet smile every time I hear it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

We’re Growing Up

by Ellie McHale

Happy New Year! May 2014 be fantastic for everyone!

Because a new year is upon us, I want to share a bittersweet song with you. Brandi Carlile is an amazing lyricist and musician & always puts me in a great mood.

Delayed Reaction

by Ellie McHale

Ooops, it’s been just over two months since my last post. However, I believe I had a preemptive warning this might happen! School has been quite time consuming and I seem to spend a lot of my non-school time at work.

Right now, my body seems to be feeling a bit funny. I (among others) have come to the conclusion I might have a bad case of dermatitis only aggravated by too much forced heat at work. On top of that, I feel a little bit of a cold lingering. This means that my focus is out of sync. I’m trying to write modified case briefs for an assignment that is due next week, but I lose my train of thought every couple of sentences. Which is why I am here, writing this – an attempt to reign in what little focus I have and keep it within a fairly close radius.

So, let me share my ultimate musical obsession: The National’s “I Need My Girl” Enjoy!

Well, I Have Brittle Bones…

by Ellie McHale

Honestly, I don’t have much to say. My head has been glued to an Intro to Business Law book the last couple days. Reading about precedents and arbitration and mediation can strip a girl of anything creative to say at 8.10pm. As I took a break from the reading and note taking, one song instantly popped into my mind. The first line is exactly want I wanted to hear right now: “That boy, take me away, into the night…”

Here it is, my study break song I want to share with you:

The Lights Go Out In Your Building…

by Ellie McHale

A couple years ago, I happened to stumble across a nugget of musical joy. It was early afternoon on Saturday, day 2, of Coachella in 2011. I ventured into the fields to check out a band, getting to the stage early. There was this tall, lanky man with fantastic black hair dressed in all white. Watching him move and listening to his voice, I instantly fell in love. And, I’ve been in love ever since. That man is Francis Farewell Starlite of Francis and the Lights.

I can’t quite describe his sound. Prince comes to mind often, but they’re not exactly the same. There is a complicated simplicity to FatL. Yes, I used a cliched oxymoron, but that is the best way to describe this music.

Words can’t do Francis and the Lights justice. I shall leave you with a live set Francis did solo. This is my favorite thing to put on when I’m driving or cooking or with friends or want to relax. Please, enjoy.

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Noise Pop SF

by Ellie McHale

We have this thing in the Bay Area that I’m sure a lot of you have heard of. For six days, San Francisco celebrates indie music, art, and film in venues all across the City. Said celebration is Noise Pop. I’ve neveer quite gotten around to making an effort to see more than one show, but I’d like to this year. Especially as one of my friends is involved this year!

DRMS (pronounced dreams) is the amazing band a friend from way back created. Like its name, DRMS is magical, often ethereal, and entirely a joy to experience. On Friday March 1st, DRMS is one of the openers for Toro Y Moi, a favourite & local musical venture of mine. They will be at The Independent in San Francisco. I know I’m going to be attending, and I would very much like to rally a troop of people to join me! Please check out the blurb about the event. I know it will be amazing & groovy. The Independent is a great, intimate venue, and you can never go wrong with an event there. I’m thinking I may do another giveaway, involving a ticket to the show! I’ll get back to y’all on that one, though.

A taste of Toro Y Moi:


I love Emily’s voice! Here is a a DRMS song for you:

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