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Song Obsession Sunday: “Indy”

by Ellie McHale

Growing up, Santana was one of the bands that graced the speakers in our house. Whenever I hear a talented guitarist, I’m in love. On Santana’s latest album, Corazon, “Indy” is a song that got me hooked all over again. I have a soft spot for Miguel. Boy has got some talent and it’s obvious in his own music, especially live, he takes inspiration from Prince (another favorite). So, it is natural that “Indy” is a song that I have had on repeat the last few days. It will probably be in heavy rotation for the entire summer. This is a song that is perfect on the beach, winding down after a barbeque or any other long fun day in the sun, and a nice addition to a road trip mix.


iTunes Radio is a Blessing

by Ellie McHale

Tonight, I’m slowly cleaning my room, and can only get motivated by having some sort of soundtrack to get my brain going. I’m not in the mood to listen to any of the usuals, or any of the music I just put into my library. The podcasts waiting to be listened to aren’t appealing. Talk radio doesn’t quite cut it…

This leaves me with picking a radio station through iTunes at random. I went through the jazz stations, but wasn’t inspired. I listened to the Savannah College of Art & Design station for awhile, but the punk music wasn’t what I was looking for (and, I love punk). So, I checked out the Ambient stations. I think I’ve found my new favorite background music option. If you have (US) iTunes & some sort of internet connection, I suggest you check it out. It’s called “DI – Chillout” and is described as offering “ambient psy chillout” music. If you are into electronic music or even general ambient music, this is a great option. It definitely allows me to become almost trance-like, a state I need to be in to organize and clean my room.

Here is a sample of what I’m listening to right now:

Now, I gotta get back to cleaning.

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