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Books to Read in 2013

by Ellie McHale

Here’s the list so far (at A Life In Paperback): Books to Read in 2013. So far, there are 20 titles, one of which has been completed & four that are being worked on. Another scratch through one will happen soon, as well as a couple titles being added to the list!!!

Keep checking back to see what I have written, if there are any new titles I hope to read, and any reviews of the books!

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Help! I Need Somebody!

by Ellie McHale

Hey Lil’ Biscuits!!! Hope all is well out there in the world!

I’m coming to you today to ask for a huge favor. While music & writing are huge passions of mine, photography is something I’m trying to actually persue as a way of making money (even if it is just a hobby I’m getting paid for). Come to think of it, my dream job is to travel around the world, talk to people about their cultures & sense of community, figure out what makes them happy, use music as a communication tool when words fail us, hope they’ll allow me to take their pictures, and relay our stories onto paper to share with everyone else. That’s just a dream, but one I hope to accomplish by the time I’m 70. I’ve got 39 years to do that.

While we’re on the topic of a sense of community, my favor I am asking is that you, any of you, donate a dollar, 5 dollars, any kind of dollar amount to my project & general startup that is Ellie McHale Photography. Right now, tangible rewards are limited. A few high ticket donations will get 30 lucky people a (tasteful) print or two of mine (of my choosing), along with a thankful shout out here & a YouTube shout out. Everyone else will get, at least, a thankful plug here, possibly a video of acknowledgement on YouTube. Yes. I will get in front of a camera, show my face to the world, and talk to you, funny accent and all.

So, please, if you find a sliver of compassion and/or the giving spirit, please mosey over to my fundraising page and help a sister out. I promise that any monetary donation will be used on nothing but photography equipment & photography business related items. For example, I will spend said donations on photography software, memory cards, extra batteries for my camera, website hosting to show my work, printing supplies, actual prints for my portfolio, lenses, printer(s), paper, ink, flash(es), lighting, studio equipment, etc.. You get the idea, yes?

I do thank everyone in advance for taking the time to consider donating… And, for donating if you do. You are phenomenal, and I wish you all the best!!

For the time being, please go to both Ellie McHale & Ellie McHale for a tiny idea.

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I’m Not The Only One

by Ellie McHale

Yes, that is the title to a sugary pop song by Maria Mena. And, I admit it, I kinda like it. But, I’m not going to talk about the song or Maria.

Everyone and their dog’s mamas like to talk about “Hallelujah” and how amazing it is. I even mentioned it in my favorite covers post. Because, it really is an amazing song. The lyrics are rich and tender. They evoke a sense of longing, hurt, joy, peace, nostalgia.

While checking out, I stumbled upon an article about “Hallelujah” and hoped that the author had come across some new insightful piece of information directly from Leonard Cohen’s mouth. Alas, that’s not the case. But, I was excited to learn that Alan Light has written and released a book called “The Holy or the Broken” that deals with the song at hand. And, I think I need it in my life.

Here is another cover of “Hallelujah” for your entertainment:

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