Giveaway Ideas, Please!

by Ellie McHale

As I am well over 1,000 views and gaining a somewhat decent audience, I feel it is time for another giveaway. But I want to do something exciting for y’all. So, I am hoping you can give me ideas as to what you would like as a giveaway.

Some ideas I have:
-Another iTunes gift card giveaway (I’ll figure out how to include non-US readers)
-Subscription to a music/pop culture related magazine for a year
-A ticket to a concert of your choosing (within reason, and I can only afford GA/Cheap seats)

So, dear readers, please tell me if you like any of those ideas or if you have other reasonable ideas. The giveaway will be done sometime between August 30th & September 13th. Get discussing!

In the meantime, please go follow me on Twitter & like my FaceBook page. Thank you!