The Lights Go Out In Your Building…

by Ellie McHale

A couple years ago, I happened to stumble across a nugget of musical joy. It was early afternoon on Saturday, day 2, of Coachella in 2011. I ventured into the fields to check out a band, getting to the stage early. There was this tall, lanky man with fantastic black hair dressed in all white. Watching him move and listening to his voice, I instantly fell in love. And, I’ve been in love ever since. That man is Francis Farewell Starlite of Francis and the Lights.

I can’t quite describe his sound. Prince comes to mind often, but they’re not exactly the same. There is a complicated simplicity to FatL. Yes, I used a cliched oxymoron, but that is the best way to describe this music.

Words can’t do Francis and the Lights justice. I shall leave you with a live set Francis did solo. This is my favorite thing to put on when I’m driving or cooking or with friends or want to relax. Please, enjoy.

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