Noise Pop SF

by Ellie McHale

We have this thing in the Bay Area that I’m sure a lot of you have heard of. For six days, San Francisco celebrates indie music, art, and film in venues all across the City. Said celebration is Noise Pop. I’ve neveer quite gotten around to making an effort to see more than one show, but I’d like to this year. Especially as one of my friends is involved this year!

DRMS (pronounced dreams) is the amazing band a friend from way back created. Like its name, DRMS is magical, often ethereal, and entirely a joy to experience. On Friday March 1st, DRMS is one of the openers for Toro Y Moi, a favourite & local musical venture of mine. They will be at The Independent in San Francisco. I know I’m going to be attending, and I would very much like to rally a troop of people to join me! Please check out the blurb about the event. I know it will be amazing & groovy. The Independent is a great, intimate venue, and you can never go wrong with an event there. I’m thinking I may do another giveaway, involving a ticket to the show! I’ll get back to y’all on that one, though.

A taste of Toro Y Moi:


I love Emily’s voice! Here is a a DRMS song for you:

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