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Month: January, 2013

Noise Pop SF

by Ellie McHale

We have this thing in the Bay Area that I’m sure a lot of you have heard of. For six days, San Francisco celebrates indie music, art, and film in venues all across the City. Said celebration is Noise Pop. I’ve neveer quite gotten around to making an effort to see more than one show, but I’d like to this year. Especially as one of my friends is involved this year!

DRMS (pronounced dreams) is the amazing band a friend from way back created. Like its name, DRMS is magical, often ethereal, and entirely a joy to experience. On Friday March 1st, DRMS is one of the openers for Toro Y Moi, a favourite & local musical venture of mine. They will be at The Independent in San Francisco. I know I’m going to be attending, and I would very much like to rally a troop of people to join me! Please check out the blurb about the event. I know it will be amazing & groovy. The Independent is a great, intimate venue, and you can never go wrong with an event there. I’m thinking I may do another giveaway, involving a ticket to the show! I’ll get back to y’all on that one, though.

A taste of Toro Y Moi:


I love Emily’s voice! Here is a a DRMS song for you:

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Branching Out… On Bloglovin

by Ellie McHale

As I am trying to get things going in my life, I’m putting myself out there in the best forums possible. Many of the people I know who blog regularly have joined Bloglovin. So, I’m following suit. 😉

Follow my blog with Bloglovin!

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Blue Monday…

by Ellie McHale

Apparently, Blue Monday is an “actual” thing. It is apparently the “most depressing day of the year” and falls on the third Monday of January. Who knew!? Although, according to the Wikipedia entry, is psuedoscience. And, I completely agree. Because, today is Blue Monday, and I am in a fantastic mood! The sun is out. The temperature is perfect. I have the day off. Energy is coursing through my veins. I found a gem, Lumosity, a site that helps promote brain health. President Obama’s inaugural celebration was today. There’s not a lot to be sad about, really.

So, with that I bid you all a happy Blue Monday. May your 2013 be fantastic. Find something to make you laugh everyday.

And, I leave you with a song to get you moving. Yep, you guessed it. “Blue Monday” by New Order.

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Giveaway Winner!

by Ellie McHale

Only one person entered the giveaway, so she is officially the winner of TWO(!!!) $25 iTunes gift cards. Sarah, my dear, it’s all you honey! We’ll have to hang out soon so I can get them to you. Let’s plan something with Kate!

There is definitely a lesson to be learned here. My offering, while awesome, was something perhaps not appealing to everyone. Fair enough! Next giveaway will be something rad. And, I am always open to suggestions. Please, do share what you’d enjoy winning (within reason). I’m thinking concert tickets, ear/head phones, books, etc..

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by Ellie McHale

Happy new year, dear readers! I do very much hope that 2013 treats you well. And, I hope you find the strength and humanitarianism to be a worthwhile human.

I plan to alter my life positively this year through education, travel, exercise, and giving. There are many things I hope to accomplish in the next twelve months and I take ownership of my journey.

Change is good for the soul and good for the world.

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