Return, Good Son

by Ellie McHale

Sometimes, I really enjoy it when brothers can put aside their squabbles & rivalry and give back to those around them. And, it just so happens that a favorite fraternal team of mine has decided to reunite and give their fans a good time. That’s right. The Black Crowes are touring in 2013. I read the news on Consequence of Sound, a site I just discovered today. (I’m kinda bad at this being hip to the skip for the music scene, I know.) There is something very unfortunate… My boys aren’t coming out to California. And, they would do so well at UC Berkeley’s Greek Theatre. (I saw them there when they opened for Tom Petty, and enjoyed every single nanosecond of it.)

The tour starts in Manchester with five UK dates, then head over to to the East Coast to do a bunch of shows that go nowhere near any West Coast states. The ultimate plan would be to go to one of their shows in London on March 29th or 30th. But, that’s a long shot. A cheaper, more feasible would be to go to any of the New York, Chicago, Texas, Florida, or New Orleans shows. And, I am really hoping I can do this and take a mini-vacation while I’m at it.

I’ve mentioned The Black Crowes before. They were a crucial band for me at a pivotal time in my life. In about 1993, I started to fall for them just before I moved back to London (’94). During the two years in London, I was coming into my teenage years and starting to form an identity. Of course, I feel in time with the grunge, almost nihilistic way of life. The Black Crowes were these white boys who took rock music and peppered it with soul and blues. What more could a teenage girl want? My body was changing. I had been uprooted from my close knit group of childhood friends and was put into an entirely different way of life and expected to start all over. Yikes. PAINFUL!! So, turning to music was a natural way to help me express myself. And, these white boy rockers with miles of soul and what seemed like basketfuls of sad things to sing about were able to speak to me through their lyrics. I’ve been hooked ever since.

So, when the Robinson brothers have “artistic differences” and say they’ll break up forever, we all safely say to ourselves, it won’t be long before they get back together for the hell of it, play some music, make some fans happy, and get some dollars along the way. In 2005 (2006?), when they agreed to open for Tom Petty, I was stoked when my friend texted me with the news he had an extra ticket if I had some cash. I went to the bank, got some money for the ticket and a few beers, then it was up to Berkeley to spend an amazing night at the Greek! In all the years I’ve loved The Black Crowes, I never took a chance to see them live. Finally, it was my turn. I got to see one of my favorite bands live. And, as an opening act for one of my favorite musicians. Amazing…

I’m sure that you can imagine how excited I am about another possible chance to see these boys again. Total Oh Squeee moment!!!

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