Kelsey Rottiers, Keepin’ it Real

by Ellie McHale

You can find Kelsey Rottiers on ReverbNation, Tumblr, FaceBook, and YouTube.

Through her  ReverbNation page, Ms. Rottiers has twelve songs available to listen to, which is an amazing offering to potential fans. I appreciate when musicians offer listeners the chance to really get a feel for their art.

As per Ms Rottier’s website, her bio states: “Sometimes uplifting, sometimes heartbreaking, always fresh and real, singer/songwriter Kelsey Rottiers’ all-original music tackles concepts from Forgiveness to Sex Trafficking.  Whether it’s the catchy “Red Wonder Boots,” the furious “Bear Hope,” or any of her dozens of other tracks, Kelsey Rottiers’ songs fuse folk and indie substance with a pop simplicity that will linger in your mind like a brilliant sunset.” I really like the sound of that…

As I listened her music for the first time, this lovely lady reminds me of the possible love child of Missy Higgins, Neko Case, and Jenny Lewis. Total “indie” girl singer-songwriter genre. And, that’s a good thing. We need more fun, smart female artists making waves in the world. Of the songs I listened to, I feel that “Goliath” is my current favorite. While I love upbeat, tenacious songs, I really enjoy a mellow, emotional song. I guess I’m a lil’ emo on the inside. At the end of the song, we hear a “hallelujah” sung out that caught me off guard. I heard a sliver of Brandi Carlile in Kelsey’s voice. If anyone can be unique, but have a rare moment of likeness with another amazing musician, I know I’m likely to enjoy what’s to be heard.

I’ll admit it. I’m very much a Bay Area white girl. Many of us have dreams to be that adorable girl with a guitar jamming out at the beach. We dream of writing our own music and aspiring to be the next Tori Amos. At least, that’s the dream I had. Unfortunately, not everyone has songwriting abilities. And, writing a good lyric was beyond a lot of us… That’s why being the next Tori or Ani or Fiona was out of the question. So, when women like Kelsey Rottiers come along and create songs that are all very unique and are full of well versed lyrics, I get excited. It is refreshing to hear lyrics written by a woman that are tasteful, imaginative, and intelligent.

My biggest takeaway from Ms Rottiers is her passion & desire to fight for what she believes in. Music, photography  and film are the quickest & most effective ways to relay information to large quantities of people. Through her music, she is able to deal with her own feelings towards the worldwide issue of sex trafficking, while getting her fanbase informed & active in awareness and advocacy. Her song, “Bear Hope” is her touchstone song about the issue. Her lyrics are strong, furious, and have an air of mythicism. The image of a bear taking control of their life is amazing. She gives this bear a unique voice that is rather enchanting.

Kelsey Rottiers has music available on iTunes: a full length album & two EPs (Extended Plays, in case you wanted to know what that stands for). After listening to her tracks on ReverbNation and watching some of her videos on YouTube, I know I’ll be purchasing her music. Please, check out her music through ReverbNation. Please check out her YouTube page. And, even if her music isn’t your cup of tea, please join her in the fight to end sex trafficking. Seriously. Follow her lead! Do good in the world!