by Ellie McHale

Thank you for this post. For those of you who don’t know the details of John Lennon’s last day, here ya go.

Backseat Mafia


Its December 8th today, and exactly 32 years ago to the day Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon in the back  four times, on the steps of his apartment building, The Dakota in New York. Doctors said no-one could have lived for more than a few minutes with the scale of injuries Lennon sustained, and he was pronounced dead at 11.07 in the evening at The St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center.

John Lennon – Losing You from 1980s Double Fantasy, released on 17th November, less than 3 weeks before his death.

The day had started off fairly ordinarily in the life of one of the worlds most iconic artists, with a photo session for Rolling Stone. Photographer that day was Annie Liebovitz. She had wanted just Lennon on the photographs, but after Lennon insisted, his wife Yoko Ono was included. (below)liebovitz portraitLennon then went to do what would be his final interview…

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