Lisa Mitchell stretches out on second record

by Ellie McHale

Since the only American Idol contestents I can handle (in tiny doses) are Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, and Daughtry, I’m excited to come across an Australian Idol contestant I can get down with. Granted, this is a female from Australia. By default (at least in my opinion), this automatically makes her awesome.

I’m going to explore both of her albums tomorrow and make a more informed decision. Can’t wait!

13 Strings

Lisa Mitchell

Bless This Mess


Lisa Mitchell’s sophomore album was never going to be an easy one to make. Her debut, 2009’s Wonder, defied all expectations, and turned the Australian Idol contestant into a certified indie darling, nabbing the No. 7 position for “Coin Laundry” in the Triple J Hottest 100 and more impressively, taking home the Australian Music Prize.

The formula which made Wonder so successful was simple: sunny, blissed out pop tunes that were easy on the ears but intelligent enough to keep you listening. Bless This Mess takes a different road, with Mitchell stretching her musical muscles and stripping back the quirkiness.

The openers, “Providence” and “So Much To Say”, rely heavily on the piano with strange orchestral flourishes and vocal chants emerging at odd times. The strength lies in Mitchell’s songwriting, with enough minor falls and major lifts and pop hooks to hit the spot…

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