Using Jeans As a Blanket

by Ellie McHale

My last two posts dealt with covers, and I forgot to add one song. But, to be fair, I “forgot” because the song isn’t a true cover. It is one artist’s interpretation of another artist’s song.

In 1996, after two years spent at a single gender Catholic school, my poseur anarchist feminist ideology was in full swing. So, when Nenah Cherry released a certain single, I had found my anthem. Sure, it sounded eerily familiar to my fourteen year old ears, and it took me a couple seconds to figure out that she had taken a very masculine song and answered back.

That song is the ever so amazing “Woman” and I am happy to share it with you.

The song she is “covering” should be obvious. And, if it isn’t do some research. The chorus gives it away.


PS. I guess I am still a poseur anarchist feminist. I’ve just found the right word for it: Libertarian.