All That Glitters Ain’t Gold.

by Ellie McHale

In the two years my family spent back in the ‘burbs of London, I was in the fray of adolescence. Of course, that’s when we usually start attaching music to our identity. And, let me remind you, this was 1994-96, the penultimate years of the grunge scene. While I was listening to the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Soundgarden, and Guns ‘n Roses, as well as British staples Blur, Terrorvision, The Levellers, Pulp, and Suede, I had a secret soft spot for R&B and Hip-Hop. I still do. I’m everloving when it comes to the majority of musical genres.

There was one song, released in 1995 that I fell madly in love with. So in love that I still dream of it seventeen years later.

Do you want to know what it is? Could you not guess it from the title of this post? ::tsk tsk::

The song so dear to my heart is “Gold” by Prince, when he was known as squiggle/love/symbol/high priest of New Power Generation, with “slave” tattooed on his cheek.

In London, as well as other metropolitan cities in the UK, “Gold” was on heavy radio rotation. [If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’ll tell you now: I can’t stand it when radio stations overplay songs; it’s unfair and annoying.] As I was 13 and impressionable, I didn’t mind to constant airplay. Sure, I probably still wouldn’t mind it today. I love the song that much.

The song is the last track on the album “The Gold Experience.” This album had limited release (meaning, once everything was sold, that was it, no more were made; it isn’t even available on iTunes), so you can imagine my miffed state years later when I wanted to listen to my favorite song, but couldn’t, as I had lost my “Gold” cassette single and the album was nowhere to be found…

So, the other day, I did what I could and scoured the internet for a like new copy of the album. I found one on eBay and paid $11.98 for what they claim to be a “like new” quality CD. Here’s hoping it is! I cannot wait for it to arrive. The moment I get it, it is going into my cad CD player and it’s probably not going to leave…

As many of you know, Prince has taken issue with YouTube, among other online video services. It’s rare for you to find a video of Prince actually performing on YouTube. When you do, it is horrible quality. The videos you will find are primarily interviews. I desperately wanted to share the video with everyone, but I fear I might get reprimanded if I do. I don’t want to offend the fantastic man, Prince. But, if you want to hear it, and even watch the video, you’ll be able to find it. Google will make it happen. I promise…