Romnesia Abound!

by Ellie McHale

Oh frack. I’m in a pickle here. I don’t really want this to be a place where I discuss the current election. But, Mitt Romney’s minions really forced me into this (because, force is god’s will, right Mitt & your Republicans?).

I get mildly offended when politicians, or any of their camps, use music that doesn’t really embody their mission statement. And, when they use a song by a band that doesn’t them, it’s a righteous smack in the face.

So, you can imagine my dismay when the first article I read on Pitchfork tonight was this one: 

“The National’s “Fake Empire” Used in Ad for Mitt Romney Campaign, Band Is Furious, Of Course”

Sure, it wasn’t Mitt’s official campaign camp that made the advertisement. But, it still pertains to Mitt and is, apparently pro-Mitt. Hey, fellas, looks like you caught a case of the Romnesias. Go get your heads checked, kthxbai.