Lena Dunham: ‘Girls’ Girl Reportedly Shopping Advice Book For $1 Million-Plus

by Ellie McHale

I’m such a hipster that this made me squeeee so hard. All those nights thinking “Hannah and me are total twinsies” and drooling at the soundtrack to Girls, I am very much in support of this idea. Go forth, and profit off your hipsterness, Lena. Please.


Lena Dunham, the woman behind the critically acclaimed HBO series Girls, may get a rich seven-figure book deal for a title where she’ll mix some of her own personal history with advice-giving, according to Slate and Page Six. The working title is Not That Kind of Girl and Dunham is reportedly seeking a deal worth at least $1 million.

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Slate‘s Brow Beat blog, which obtained an email that included a proposal for the book, described it this way:

In the intro, Dunham is self-deprecating about the idea that she has any wisdom to share, but says that if the book can help anyone avoid some of the mistakes she’s made it will be worth it. She cites Helen Gurley Brown’s Having It All as a kind of inspiration, even though she thinks much of what Brown specifically advised is totally nuts.

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