Hello world!

by Ellie McHale

It should be old news by now. In my 30 years on this planet, the one intangible thing I’ve been most fond of is music. So simple.

I’ve always been a hipster, even decades before being a hipster is the hip thing to do. I’ve sought out actual alternative music and reveled in its pure, untainted, non-radio killing joy. I was the one listening to bands that took you three years to discover and by the time you did, I had either moved on or fell more in love with their OG stuff.

And, here we are. Another damn blog about music by another damn hipster. But, I’m not a hipster in the mainstream, douche-y way. I actually care about new musicians who truly want to be about their art and not money. I am slightly anti-establishment, even though I work for a major corporation & respect authority to some extent. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost two decades & when I do anything in the kitchen, I don’t use any animal byproducts. I believe wholeheartedly that music education should be mandatory in elementary school, and appreciate that my parents supported my violin, piano, and clarinet lessons. We still have a piano, which I tinkle on occasionally. But, really, I wish I kept practicing everyday, because I’m sure I’d be a great guest musician for many of my friends’ musical endeavors. And see, that’s what sets me apart from many “hipsters” of late. I actually have musical training. It’s there, stuck in my brain forever. My mind was trained to actually listen to what I was hearing: follow a rhythm, pick out as many different sounds as possible, enjoy a good melody, go with the flow of a great jazz tune. Hipsters sometimes will say they “don’t get it” when listening to an obscure, but well melded jazz riff. Those are the hipsters that never sat down at a piano or never help a bass or never slapped the firm skin of a drum.

I have my opinions. That’s the beauty of humanity. We all have opinions. You can disagree with me, especially if you are immensely more knowledgeable about music than me. But, I feel what I feel and I know what I know. So, I will speak. And, I will listen…

And, to be totally cliche, as I am a hipster, I will quote Shakespeare: If music be the food of love, play on.