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Sam Smith & the Gay Male Body Archetype

by djtoasterbiscuit


“If we all took a second to appreciate ourselves and others for who they are and what they look like, and praise them instead of tearing them down due to some [unspoken] standards, maybe, just maybe, we might be better people and respect ourselves a little bit more.”
YES! Amen. I couldn’t agree with you more.
I absolutely love this post. Of course, because I love Sam Smith and believe he is an epic talent. Also because I appreciate that this post is reminding us not to focus on what a person looks like, but to focus on what they have to offer the world. When I look at Sam Smith, all I can see is a wonderful man with amazing style. And, more importantly, this man has talent. He can deliver a tune (that he had a hand in writing) flawlessly. So, everyone who has anything negative to say about his physical appearance, please stop. Your words are futile. They mean nothing. Be aware of Mr. Smith’s awesome talent and aspire to be half as talented.

Originally posted on HyperReality:

You may or may not have heard about Sam Smith yet. If you haven’t, you need to know two things:

1.) He has the voice of an ANGEL. But not just any angel, like a fucking first sphere seraph angel (which, according to this Wikipedia page, is like, the highest of angels; I don’t know how accurate that is because I know pretty much nothing about angel hierarchy.) Check out these videos to acquaint yourself with his majesty:

(His orgasmic and life-changing debut single “Stay With Me”)

(His impeccable collaboration with Disclosure, “Latch,” which is totally contender for my personal Song of the Year award) 

(His cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know,” which recently went viral and is guaranteed to make you fall in love with him/make your soul cry for a man like him to come into your life)

2.) He’s pretty much the elusive unicorn of gay males: he’s…

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Song Obsession Sunday: “Indy”

by djtoasterbiscuit

Growing up, Santana was one of the bands that graced the speakers in our house. Whenever I hear a talented guitarist, I’m in love. On Santana’s latest album, Corazon, “Indy” is a song that got me hooked all over again. I have a soft spot for Miguel. Boy has got some talent and it’s obvious in his own music, especially live, he takes inspiration from Prince (another favorite). So, it is natural that “Indy” is a song that I have had on repeat the last few days. It will probably be in heavy rotation for the entire summer. This is a song that is perfect on the beach, winding down after a barbeque or any other long fun day in the sun, and a nice addition to a road trip mix.


by djtoasterbiscuit

Sometimes, all you need in life is to laugh maniacally by yourself in your car while waiting for your next class to begin. And, that’s what I have been doing the last week.

After eight months without updating the feed (well actually, I think I unsubscribed), I loaded up my iTunes with almost 100 episodes of Ten Minute Podcast. If you haven’t listened to any of it or even heard of it, I suggest you hop on the bandwagon immediately. It is exactly what it sounds like: a ten minute podcast. Three comedians, ten minutes, HILARITY! Everyone knows who Will Sasso, Chris D’Elia, and Bryan Callen are, and if ya’don’t, ya’sssss’sad. Yes, it’s three dudes being dudes. But, it really is the most fundamental ten minutes of laugh out loud you can have. And, if their humour isn’t for you, so be it. I’m glad I waited eight months to reload. Ten minutes twice a week isn’t enough. I need an hour of it every damn day. Seriously, listen to one, maybe five. If you’re entertained, subscribe and listen to ALL of them. I’ll warn you, it’s been around for just over two years, so you have a lot of catching up to do.

That’s really all I wanted to tell you. Just like the @TenMinPod, this is it. Short and sweet…

Now get listening, y’all.

An Open Letter To Dr. Drew Pinsky

by djtoasterbiscuit


Well said, Elizabeth! Thank you!
I am in a similar boat, though not as severe as your experience. In my late 20’s I finally got a PCOS diagnosis. At 32, it is still a very frustrating fight. My PCOS is not a result of sexual abuse as a child, as I never experienced that. I actually had the happiest childhood. This PCOS I get to deal with is just how my body decided to function.

Originally posted on Red Hairing:


On April 24, 2014, a man called into Dr. Drew’s radio show “Love Line” regarding his fiancé who suffers with a number of medical ailments that are causing a lot of pain. The transcript is as follows:

Caller: My fiancé has a multitude of diagnoses. She has IC, Endometriosis, lactose intolerance. She has no stomach lining. I mean, a bunch of things going on.
Mike: No stomach lining? Is that real, Drew? Can that happen?
Dr. Drew: No. And by the way, IC is, I assume, interstitial cystitis?
Caller: Yes
Dr. Drew: These are all, these are all sort of what we call functional disorders. Everything you mentioned, everything you mentioned, are things that actually aren’t discernibly pathological. They’re, they’re just sort of what we call “garbage bag” diagnoses. When you can’t think of anything else, you just go, “Eh it’s that.” So it then makes…

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Take Time

by djtoasterbiscuit

Take Time.

Pushkin really doesn’t want me to publish this! For those of you who don’t know, Pushkin is my 16 (or 17) year old feline partner in crime. We’re in love. And, she needs a huge hug right now. Enjoy!

Clap Your Hands

by djtoasterbiscuit

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!

This is just the video I needed to watch. What a great start to 2014! Thank you, Rainn Wilson.

While you are learning about happiness and success, please check out my list of books to read in 2014. Feel free to leave me any suggestions for interesting books that I may enjoy!

We’re Growing Up

by djtoasterbiscuit

Happy New Year! May 2014 be fantastic for everyone!

Because a new year is upon us, I want to share a bittersweet song with you. Brandi Carlile is an amazing lyricist and musician & always puts me in a great mood.

Where In The World?

by djtoasterbiscuit


Love me, love me, saaaayyy that you’ll love me!

Originally posted on A Life In Paperback:

Actually, where in cyberspace??

I just wanted to update everyone on my social media presence. When you have a moment, please take a gander and hit like or follow or subscribe!

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Also, please swing by my two other blogs I seem to post more often at:
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The more followers, likes, subscribers, etc. I get, I’ll actually start posting vlogs on my YouTube channel! The channel exists, but there’s one embarrassing video. If you’d like to actually hear & see me talk, support me these other ways! And I am always open to suggestions as to what you’d like…

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Delayed Reaction

by djtoasterbiscuit

Ooops, it’s been just over two months since my last post. However, I believe I had a preemptive warning this might happen! School has been quite time consuming and I seem to spend a lot of my non-school time at work.

Right now, my body seems to be feeling a bit funny. I (among others) have come to the conclusion I might have a bad case of dermatitis only aggravated by too much forced heat at work. On top of that, I feel a little bit of a cold lingering. This means that my focus is out of sync. I’m trying to write modified case briefs for an assignment that is due next week, but I lose my train of thought every couple of sentences. Which is why I am here, writing this – an attempt to reign in what little focus I have and keep it within a fairly close radius.

So, let me share my ultimate musical obsession: The National’s “I Need My Girl” Enjoy!

Day In The Life: Day Off

by djtoasterbiscuit

It’s Monday and I’m lucky to have the day off. That is a pro (or con?) of working retail. Yesterday, I visited a friend in Morro Bay and good chunk of my day was driving.

Today, I’m taking it easy, especially as this time next week I will be back at school with a full load of classes.


I woke up at 9.45am and grabbed a cup of coffee while I decided what to eat for breakfast.


I decided on a couple pears and some cheese. Good carbs, calcium, and protein!


I sorted through the Sunday papers and picked out the sections I like. I’ve got some good reading to do. My two notebooks I use for new words I come across & ideas I get for creative writing and blog posts.


Afternoon tea and cookie. So good!


I love these glass jars I got from Urban Outfitters a few days ago. They were $1.99 each! I scoured Pinterest for crafty ideas that I could do with them. I think I’ll leave them as is, though.


I love my running shoes. When I went to purchase them, they salesman asked me as he was bringing them out “do you mind if they are a bright color?” Of course I don’t! Had he not brought out bright ones, I would have asked to see the bright ones.


Stopped at the library to return two books and pick up the third Harry Potter book. I ended up getting a couple others, obviously. We’ll see if I get around to reading them.


I decided to treat myself to a movie, Afternoon Delight. Interesting and awkward, I loved it.


About to get my 9.30pm workout on. I’ve got my iPod mini loaded with some great playlists & podcasts to make my run and strength training more enjoyable. I definitely need to be distracted to get through a hefty workout.


Post 5k run smoothie. Yum!!


Some green beans with olive oil & champagne vinegar. I love veggies!


Pomegranate Green Tea for a dose of antioxidants. I love having my nightly cup of tea in my big EWU mug.


I’m so tired that I don’t feel like doing a major skincare routine. A quick cleanse & pump of moisture followed by clean teeth, and I’m set.



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